How to Customize the Size of your PERGOLUX Pergola!

How to Customize the Size of your PERGOLUX Pergola!

Custom-made or standard sizes?

We offer our PERGOLUX Pergolas in various standard sizes. The reason for these standard dimensions is that we would not be able to offer the quality of the pergola at an affordable price if we made each pergola individually or if we had too many different dimensions. We offer our pergolas in the dimensions 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m and 4x6m. 

Why don't we offer custom sizes?

Most of our customers have patios that are slightly larger than the pergola, leaving some open space around the pergola. For many customers, a custom-made product that costs 3-4 times as much to get a little more roofing isn't worth the money - but of course it's a matter of preference.

Can I still get my desired size?

It is still possible to get your desired size. There are two ways to do this, depending on what size you need. For example, if you need the dimensions 2.75x3.75m, the following approach would be necessary.

The width and length of the pergola can be adjusted manually using a jigsaw with a wooden blade as aluminium is a relatively soft material.

  • Shorten width: the slats are 12 cm wide, so you can shorten the roof beams, gutters and rail in 12 cm intervals and leave out the extra slats accordingly. Then drill some new holes in the beam for fastening. (see photo below)
  • Shorten length: To do this, shorten all the slats, the roof beams and the gutters. The end caps of the slats are screwed on so these can be removed before shortening and then simply screwed on again.

PERGOLUX Pergola Width Adjustment. Detail picture of the beam that you need to cut and drill new holes into for adjusting the width.

The next variation would be to combine several pergolas with each other. That looks great and is highly recommended if you want to achieve a size of 3x7m or 4x8m, for example.

The plates of the columns can be turned inwards, so you can put the columns of the pergola flush to each other. There is a small gap of about 8mm between the pergolas that you can seal very easily. Either with a T-profile (available in most hardware stores) and silicone, or you can simply use compriband of appropriate thickness, also known as joint sealing tape or swelling tape, to seal the gap. 


Height Adjustment

To adjust the height of the pergola, the columns must be cut. The columns are made of aluminum, which is a relatively soft material. The height can therefore be easily cut using a jigsaw with a wooden blade if you cut smoothly. Alternatively, you can use an angle grinder or hacksaw. We recommend covering the surface with silicone or spraying it with zinc spray to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing over time.

When the height has been cut, you must thread new holes for the base plate. Tools for threading can be purchased from a building materials retailer near you. You can also use the screws provided for threading by manually screwing into the hole and back out multiple times.

PERGOLUX Pergola Adjusting the Height. Detail picture of the pergola post that you can cut to make your pergola lower in height.

Warranty on Customization

If you adapt your pergola, you will not lose the warranty on the pergola as a whole. You will only lose the warranty on the parts you adapt.

Accessories after Customization

Note that when adjusting the width, you will no longer be able to use our PERGOLUX Screens as they come in a frame to fit inside the standard size pergolas.

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