The Best Accessories for your Pergola

The Best Accessories for your Pergola

The time has come to choose a pergola, and since you’re reading this post; we’re sure you’ve decided on something that is robust, and weather resistant! Our pergolas are crafted from powder-coated aluminium, and are designed with louvred rooftops. The result is a low-maintenance pergola that provides proper shelter in all weather conditions. Although these are some wonderful qualities, there is always room for improvement. PERGOLUX has more products to offer so you can upgrade your luxurious outdoor space!


The pergola is a wonderful attribute if you want to extend your outdoor space, despite the weather conditions. This doesn’t mean that you would like to sit in an open space with just a roof to keep you sheltered. Sometimes the winds can be harsh, so it would be nice to have a sheltering wall in those conditions. 

Thankfully, PERGOLUX has developed Screens that are perfect if you’d prefer a windless environment. PERGOLUX Screens are height-adjustable that shelter against both the wind and rain. The textile net is securely guided within the rail columns like a zipper. 

The screens are easy to assemble and consist of a robust textile net and a powder-coated aluminium frame. The aluminium frame is painted in the same colour as your Pergola. In strong winds, we recommend retracting the PERGOLUX Screens completely to protect them from damage.

pergolux pergola zip-screen weather resistant upgrade for pergola
The end result provides a sturdy solution that can provide shade from both the sun, wind and rain. Each part of our pergola practically works together to create the perfect outdoor space all year round!


Now that we've touched base on how you can provide a sheltered space, we'd like to introduce you to our PERGOLUX Heater

PERGOLUX Heater Relax cozy heating lamp attached within anthracite pergola
During the colder seasons, it's nice to enjoy the white atmosphere of snow with a nice cup of hot coco. Or perhaps you've invited some friends over for that new Irish Coffee recipe you found? Either way, it's nice to have some additional heat in your newly established cozy space. 
Heater Relax is a high-quality comfort heat lamp which can be installed directly in the Pergola or on the wall of the house. The heat lamp comes in the same color as your Pergola. 
The PERGOLUX Heater was developed and tested in Norway. Infrared heating rods and direct heat make the Heater a very popular product. This lamp will guarantee a relaxing atmosphere, no matter the weather.

Who should use these accessories?

These pergola-upgrades aren't limited to anyone, and are practical in any environment. The majority of the summer may not call for heating lamps, however sometimes we are hit with a sudden evening chill where it may be necessary after all. It's always nice to have the option of a retreat to the heat if your barbeque party takes place on a chillier day! 

The screens are sturdy, and meant to handle heavier amounts of wind. We still recommend rolling them back up without supervision. Despite our quality assurance, we also know that accidents can happen if unsupervised. 

The screens are the perfect solution if you live in a windier area, and would still like to enjoy some time outside. Especially when the sun out!

Combining these weather-resistant, and shelter-providing options, you can be outside all year round!

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