Pergola Ideas 2022

Pergola Ideas 2022

Life with a pergola - ideas for your outdoor space 

Life with a pergola will allow many opportunities. The spot you have designated for your pergola will affect how you utilise your outdoor space. Continue reading below so you can gather a few ideas for your brand new, and personalised space.

Anthricite pergola with wooden slatted wall outdoors

One pergola, but many opportunities.  

The pergola can be utilised for a number of occasions. You could use your pergola to enjoy some personal space, to delve into that new book you have been dying to read, or simply enjoy the view from your veranda. Although we are advocates for some personal time, we also happen to know that the pergola is perfect for company! Perhaps the weather has brought you and your family together for some grilling, or you and your significant other would like to mellow down with a glass of wine.

What better way to end the day, than to watch the sunset in the coziness of your pergola? The PERGOLUX pergola was designed for you and your loved ones.

At home, or at your vacation home

Anthricite pergola with adjustable louvered rooftop at cabin in forest

A pergola is suitable for most environments - especially if you’d like to spend more time outdoors. If you feel the need for a little break from daily chores and duties, our outdoor garden feature will serve as the perfect space for your needs. The pergola would also be a great addition to your summer home! The idea is that you will have some extra space outside, even during the rainy days. 

A number of our customers love their PERGOLUX pergola, and have even purchased a second one to use at their vacation homes!

A pergola with the right accessories 

Having a pergola in your outdoor space will provide you with the perfect shelter during the rainy days, or in the fierceness of the summer sun. If you were to prefer more shelter and protection, then we would like to recommend slat walls, screens or a sliding door.

Pergola with zip screens partially down to shelter against wind


Personalize it - How will YOUR pergola turn out? 

There are a variety of sizes and colours within the pergola market. Our mission was to design a product that has a more modern appeal, accustomed to fit right in with your home. We have developed Norway’s most popular pergola in the sizes that are most requested. 

You can order our pergola in the following sizes:

  • 3x3 metres
  • 3x4 metres
  • 4x4 metres
  • 4x6 metres

You can order our pergola in the following colours: 

  • White 9016
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Take your outdoor space to a new level with PERGOLUX pergola. Pergola ideas 2022!

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PERGOLUX Sundream S2
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PERGOLUX Skydance S2
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