Where Can the Pergola be Used?

Where Can the Pergola be Used?
A Pergola is a fabulous garden feature many people use in various ways; such as for their gardens or patios. As we’ve discussed in our blog What is a Pergola?, there is a huge advantage towards purchasing a pergola with a roof. However, the PERGOLUX Pergola is so much more than that. Our Pergolas can endure inclement weather, and have luxurious features that fit right in with your outdoor space.
This blog will explore where to use a pergola/pergolas according to your needs! Continue reading below for inspiration.

Pergolas at Dining Places

The beneficial part of our Pergola is that there are no limits on who can use it! Some people buy one Pergola for personal use, others purchase multiple pergolas. This depends on the space, or whether you have multiple estates. It is possible to own more Pergolas, and to extend the outdoor space according to your needs! 
Outdoor dining is arguably one of the greatest joys during the summer - but what about all of the other seasons? What about the high amounts of precipitation specific areas may experience?
Sometimes the summer sun can become a little much, so it’s always nice to have some shade in the scorching heat. Needless to say, shelter is beneficial for small and large dining businesses with an outdoor space. A parasol or awning doesn’t always cut it, which is why PERGOLUX Pergola is perfect for such areas! 
awning at dining place during rainy day no customers

The PERGOLUX Pergola was developed to withstand inclement weather all year-round! The roof consists of adjustable louvres and a drainage system. This means that the water is instantly drained. The the louvres were designed with a slight tilt that guides the water into its gutters. They can be adjusted from 0-130°, meaning you can adjust according to the amount of sun you would like to bask in as well. In short, our Pergola is flexible according to your needs! 

Outdoor wedding venue with fairy lights

Many venue companies often have outdoor spaces with gorgeous views or atmospheres. And what better way to provide the perfect shelter than by purchasing a PERGOLUX Pergola?
The slatted roof is the best roof option in these conditions - providing full flexibility. A lot of the time, venues will host for a large group of people (the same way a dining place might, depending on the space).
PERGOLUX offers an array of standard sizes. This allows for customisation, and extending the vastness of the intended outdoor space. With the weatherproof aspects of the PERGOLUX Pergola, your outdoor venue/dining space will provide unlimited possibilities for potential customers!  Behold two Anthracite Pergolas that create the perfect catering experience below:

2 anthracite pergola decorated with fairy lights

Some people question why an awning, canopy or retractable roof wouldn’t work just as fine. Of course, these are all suitable for simpler solutions! However, the benefits of the louvered roof are:
  • The louvres are easy to adjust and especially designed to withstand inclement weather
  • The PERGOLUX Pergola has a fabulous drainage system that will make it possible for you to enjoy the Pergola, even during the rainy season(s)
  • PERGOLUX provides various roof options. We offer our our standard Pergola, and Skydance with integrated LED-lights. Both of which have an amazing drainage system!
  • Our louvres are easily adjustable, and provide shade and shelter whenever you need it. 
You can read more about our roof-options, and the benefits of the louvered roof in our blog by clicking here.

Pergolas for Personal Use

The Pergola is perfect for your deck/patio, but our product isn’t limited to this option - even for personal use! There are no rules that say the Pergola must be adjacent to your house. You may feel free to station your pergola in a number of places surrounding your home.
The general idea of a Pergola is to simply create a nice space within the privacy of your own home. Our weather-proof Pergola is perfect for those who might not have the budget to build a terrace at home.
Installing a Pergola will give the same effect of an extended outdoor space where you can enjoy your private time - or time with friends and family! You don’t have to use your Pergola for the purpose of dinners and catering, of course. We have developed a unique concept in the Pergola market, thanks to its flexibility. But, more about that later. 

anthracite pergola with adjustable roof louvres and company

Pergolas for Personal Use

A Pergola is an ideal addition to your deck or patio, yet our offerings are not confined to just these areas, even for personal use! There are no strict rules requiring a Pergola to be placed directly next to your house. Feel free to position your Pergola in various locations around your property.

The primary purpose of a Pergola is to create a delightful, private space at your home. Our weather-resistant Pergola is a perfect solution for those who may not have the budget for constructing a full terrace.

Installing a Pergola creates the impression of an expanded outdoor area where you can relish private moments or enjoy gatherings with friends and family. You are not limited to using your Pergola solely for dining or hosting events. We've introduced a unique concept in the Pergola market that leverages its versatility. More details on this will follow.

Turn the Pergola into a pool house where you can sit back and relax in your jacuzzi, no matter the external weather conditions. Our Pergola can handle humidity. Thanks to the powder-coated aluminium profile which is resistant to rust and corrosion! We mention this because a traditional pergola is crafted from wood, and other from steel. These materials are prone to rot, rusting, and corrosion.

With the PERGOLUX Pergola, you’re looking at the possibility of a luxurious outdoor space that will last you for up to 50 years!

jaccuzzi on terrace without pergola for visual idea

Grab some water-proof furniture and station your pergola by the poolside, too! This is especially ideal for the days where your company wants to swim, while you'd rather enjoy a chilled coke in your sunbed.

anthracite skydance pergolux pergola by poolside

Accessorizing the PERGOLUX Pergola

Remember the aforementioned topic of upgrading the shelter aspects of your Pergola? When we developed our pergola, our vision was to deliver a product suited for your outdoor space. Although the PERGOLUX Pergola itself is a grandeur choice, we wanted to deliver more features that will improve the station

anthracite pergola in snow with zip screen pulled down

Upgrade your pergola by accessorizing with our screensor with our heater. PERGOLUX Screens are height-adjustable sun and privacy screens that protect against wind and rain. The textile net is securely guided in the rails along the pergola columns like a zipper. 
pergolux heating lamp on anthracite pergola
Whereas our PERGOLUX Heater is a high-quality heat lamp that can be installed directly in the Pergola or on the wall of the house. 

The PERGOLUX Pergola - the perfect addition to your outdoor space

The PERGOLUX Pergola isn't limited to your terrace. The Pergola is the perfect addition to any outdoor venues, dining places or as a potential pool house. There are numerous of opportunities with our pergola - and we hope you find the room to utilise ours. We guarantee that you will be satisfied! The point is, we crafted a product suitable for your creative outlet. 

We make the dream possible!

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