Pergola in Anthracite - the Popular Trend in the Garden

Pergola in Anthracite - the Popular Trend in the Garden

Certain colours represent elegance, exclusivity, and style. Even in the garden, colour design plays a role. Pergolas in anthracite are particularly modern and beautiful with their timeless flair. What should you consider when buying one? When is an anthracite pergola the ideal choice for you? And what features should a good model have? We at PERGOLUX - your contact for pergolas - are happy to answer these questions for you!

Pergola in Anthracite: The Trend Colour Still in the Race!

As a trend colour in 2022, anthracite should now be part of every household: be it in the wardrobe, furniture, or home accessories - this colour is by no means monotonous, but exudes style and timelessness. A pergola in anthracite also looks very good! It's a stylish way to design your outdoor space.

Does an Anthracite Pergola Suit Me?

Anthracite is so exciting precisely because it blends discreetly into the background and allows other colours to take the lead. If you want to work with other colours in your outdoor space, an anthracite pergola is the ideal base. But why not a white or black pergola? In fact, these tones are also quite popular. In contrast to black and white, anthracite is:

• Less contrasting

• More subtle and

• Softer

Thus, an anthracite pergola is the ideal choice for your garden if you are looking for a classic option that draws attention but does not overpower the overall look. Moreover, anthracite is considered very versatile. The dark colour fits into various style directions. Whether you want a modern, minimalist, playful, or romantic look: the popular colour is the perfect foundation and adapts in many ways. Another advantage of an anthracite pergola is that this colour is perfect for outdoor use as it is low-maintenance. You can easily clean your anthracite-coloured pergola without much effort or time spent on maintenance.

Anthracite Pergola with Louvred Roof

A louvred roof has the great advantage that the louvres are adjustable, allowing you to enjoy maximum flexibility with your anthracite pergola. This means that you can adjust the louvres to let in full sunlight, provide privacy and sun protection, or allow some sunlight to filter through, for example on very sunny days when the brightness is blinding or the UV rays are aggressive and harmful. Louvred roofs are usually operated mechanically with a hand crank or electrically with a button. This allows you to decide how far the roof is open. When closed, the louvres provide a watertight seal, making the anthracite pergola waterproof. It is therefore important to choose high-quality models that truly fulfil this function. Anthracite pergolas with louvred roofs from PERGOLUX are designed to protect you from rain, snow, and other weather conditions, and ensure optimal water drainage.

Shopping for Anthracite Pergolas: Trends at PERGOLUX

As experts in the field of pergolas, we at PERGOLUX are well aware of the latest trends. So, if you're looking for an anthracite pergola, you've come to the right place. Thanks to our expertise, we know all the details and can tell you what matters most. High quality is our top priority! Do you want to get advice before making a purchase? Or do you simply want to learn more about our anthracite pergolas? Contact us now! We are happy to speak with you via phone, chat, or video call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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