Pergola with Roof | Which Roof is Most Ideal?

Anthricite pergola model with fairy lights and louvered roof that is adjustable

The pergola is a popular addition to gardens and terraces which can provide new opportunities for your home. There is a large variety of pergolas on the market, but the question is - what distinguishes them? The design of a pergola’s roof and walls may vary, so it might be difficult to know how to choose between these features. A good starting point would be to consider a roof with proper drainage. While the pergola drains water through its gutters, you can sit back, relax and enjoy dry shelter during the rainy days! 

Further in this article, we will explain more differences between various types of pergola rooftops; making sure you’ll feel confident in choosing what’s best for your needs!

Awning and Slats

A roofed pergola provides shelter, meaning you don’t need to worry about rainy conditions interrupting your time outside. This is more beneficial than a traditional pergola, which is constructed by a basic framework without a compact roof. The most common solution for a roofed pergola is an awning or using slats. Both solutions provide flexibility, and a nice finish for the pergola’s framework. Important differences between awning and slats remain, however. 

An awning (or fabric) roof can retract itself from one side, and leaves a large opening at the top of the pergola. The opportunity to choose between a shut or open roof is favourable among many product owners. It provides a wider opening for the light and for natural ventilation. There may be an aesthetic disadvantage to the awning roof, with the possibility of the fabric getting stuck during movement. The fabric will likely become loose and stained over time, as well.  

Slatted Roof  
A slatted roof provides an adjustable function, so you may turn the louvres to any desired angle. This will allow for a considerable amount of sunlight and ventilation. The louvres are easy to open and close by the help of a crank. The crank provides flexibility, and is rather beneficial for sudden rainfall. There is equal distance between the louvres, contributing to a visually refined look for the pergola. 

Close-up of louver on anthricite pergola model adjusted

Motorised or Manual Roof 

There are certain functions that distinguish the pergolas from each other - like whether it is motorised or manually controlled. Motorised solutions can be more convenient, and may serve the pergola with a more luxurious look. If you would like a pergola with the motorised roof option, then it is recommended that you invest in a high-quality distributor. This will provide a long-lasting pergola! 

The Difference
A motorised roof is desirable to many - and the high-quality ones are usually available at a higher price range. However, a motorised roof isn’t always necessary if you have a slatted roof at hand. Louvres are quick and easy to use, despite its manual function. You can easily adjust the louvres with the help of a crank. A manual roof leaves you with an adjustable and user-friendly product. This way, you also avoid the hassle of searching for its remote, or the possibility of engine failure. 

PERGOLUX Pergola with Slatted Roof 

What are Slats/Louvres?  

The advantages described in the previous section are the reason why we, at PERGOLUX, have chosen slatted roofs during the design process. A pergola with slats [or louvres] are designed with a swivel profile. The louvres are crafted from aluminium, and overlap each other when adjusted to a closed position. This version of a pergola roof is highly flexible, and contains slats that redirect the water towards a drainage system.

While several pergolas have a twofold roof system, the PERGOLUX pergola has reinforced slats that extend over the entire roof. The pergola with a twofold roof is less resistant rain due to the leakage point in the centre. 

Anthricite pergola in snow with dinner company and opened louvers on roof

There are many benefits to having an outdoor roof that you can adjust accordingly. With the help of the rotating aluminium slats, the roof can be opened and closed in the blink of an eye. This adjustable roof will shelter you from rain, but can also adjust shade and sunlight!

The louvres of the PERGOLUX pergola are considerably robust compared to many pergolas within the same price range. This means our pergola can withstand all four seasons! During high amounts of snow, the louvres should stay open to avoid buildup. However, a PERGOLUX pergola will still endure higher amounts of snow (50-60kg). 

Disadvantages & Advantages of Having a Slatted Roof

Most people enjoy basking in the sun under their PERGOLUX pergola. With an awning, you can retract the roof to the side, leaving a large opening. This might be favourable for those who prefer full access to the sunlight. Slatted roofs can’t be retracted to the side, and therefore they don’t provide a full opening. Some are concerned that the slatted roof removes the possibility of sunlight, however with PERGOLUX’ pergola, the slatted roof is designed with spacious distances between each louvre. This leaves a considerable amount of space for the sun to shine through.

In conclusion, the slatted roof allows you to adjust the amount of sunlight or shade you want. This is why we offer screens, which shield you against heavier breezes of wind. A pergola with louvres will in no doubt create a unique display of lighting. 

Beautiful lighting display beneath the anthricite pergola and opened louvres


Assembling the Slatted Roof

Assembling the pergola is usually a significant portion of the price, and is usually done by certified technicians. This is especially typical for motorised and more complex solutions that require professional attention. However, PERGOLUX has designed a pergola with the intention of making it easy to assemble at home. We have developed louvres that are manufactured with a “click-on” solution, making them exceptionally easy to install. This solution will help you save money and time! Additionally, our package is delivered with the right tools for assembling. It’s a quick and easy fix! 
Louvres opened on anthricite pergola  Louvres opened on anthricite pergola

Lighting in the Pergola

There are several ways that you can increase the comfort of your pergola - especially during the darker months. LED-lights are a very popular option on the market, and luckily we have a pergola with that option. Our ‘Skydance’ model has integrated LED-lights that create a gorgeous display of illumination; perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. 

Louvres open on Skydance pergola anthricite colour and integrated LED-lightsAnthricite skydance pergola model with adjustable louvered roof by pool side

A Clever Drainage System

The PERGOLUX pergola has a unique drainage system where water gathers on the surface of the louvres, and is guided towards the pergola’s gutters. The water is then drained through the beams, exiting by the bottom. The pergola drains high amounts, assuring that water doesn’t drip through the roof. (This is something you might’ve experienced beneath canopies, or pergola roofs that are divided with a beam in the centre. Note: Our Skydance pergola has a beam that runs through the centre of the roof, however we have incorporated a slight tilt in the louvres so they efficiently drain water from the top of the roof. Additionally, the louvres are attached to the beam in a more dense fashion.).

 So, what were the benefits of the PERGOLUX Pergola roof?

  • The louvres are easy to adjust and especially designed to withstand inclement weather
  • The PERGOLUX pergola has a fabulous drainage system that will make it possible for you to enjoy the pergola, even during the rainy season(s)
  • PERGOLUX provides various roof options - such as our Skydance with integrated LED-lights, or the standard Pergola. Both of which have an amazing drainage system!
  • Our louvres are easily adjustable, and provide shade and shelter whenever you need it. 

We make the dream possible!

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