What is a Pergola?

Anthricite pergola with louvered roof and dinner company beneath

So, what is a pergola? You might’ve seen pergolas appear in gardens before, or perhaps you saw one in an ad. Pergolas have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Some people might ask themselves what they’re for, and how to use them. Are you one of those people? Continue reading below, and we’ll do our best to explain everything you need to know about pergolas. 

The Origin of the Pergola

The term ‘Pergola’ dates back to ancient Egypt, where the first pergola supposedly belonged to the high court official of Thebes. The pergola was initially used to form a shaded walkway/passageway - and for the purpose of shade in the scorching sun that befell Egypt. The pergola was often crafted from wood, and was decorated in ivy and wisteria.

Rose pergola from Kew Gardens in london

Rose Pergola, Kew Gardens (London)

Types of Pergolas

Now that we’ve established some of the ancient details regarding the pergola’s history, we can review what materials are used to craft a pergola. Traditionally, the pergola was crafted by using wood. The disadvantage of using wood is the maintenance the material requires; otherwise you might experience wood rot, shrinkage or swelling, etc. 

Modern-day pergolas are typically crafted from aluminium. This is because aluminium doesn’t rust, is highly resistant and renews itself. In theory, you may use other metals, however aluminium assures a highly durable pergola for your garden or terrace.

Two anthricite pergolas placed adjacently with louvered roof and fairy lights

Is the Pergola here to Stay?

I’m sure you have questions regarding whether the pergola is a short-term trend, however we’d beg to differ. The pergola has become especially popular in Scandinavian countries, and countries all over. You’ll come to find this lovely garden feature on terraces, in gardens and even botanical gardens. We’ll list the benefits of a pergola below (because there aren’t really any disadvantages).

Advantages of having a PERGOLUX Pergola

1. The Rooftops

The PERGOLUX pergola was designed to provide you with shelter, shade, and comfort regardless of the weather. The roof on our pergolas can withstand up to 60kg of snow per sq.m. The rooftops are slatted, containing adjustable louvres. We currently have a manual option, assuring flexibility for our customers’ preferences. [Motorised option soon to come]

Close up of anthricite pergola and adjustable louvered roof with singular crank/swivel

The manual option for our rooftop is quick and easy to use. The old-fashioned design for a pergola doesn’t contain a solid roof, and isn’t as flexible in design either. Adjustable louvres give you the option of shelter or adjustable shade/sunlight during the finer weather! 

Opened louvered roof on anthricite pergola

2. Shields you from the wind

Pergola zip-screens lowered in wind for shelter

Most people choose to add a set of screens to their pergola. We have two types of screens available, which are either with or without the zip-function. The standard screen is a good option if you're just looking for something that will provide you with shade in the sun. The zip-screen is meant to provide shelter from the wind. The textile net is securely guided in the rails along the pergola columns like a zipper, which makes this option better if you’re looking to shield yourself.

pergola with walls and screen partially lowered for shade or lack of insight

3. The benefits of having our pergola altogether

Having a pergola will essentially provide you with many great opportunities, but it is a matter of which pergola you choose! The PERGOLUX pergola was designed to withstand all four seasons, whereas most pergolas are crafted merely for the sake of providing shade. Our pergola is robust with elegant features such as the drainage system that guarantees shelter, adjustable louvres - and the opportunity to customise both length and width. If you feel like you need more shelter, we have the option of adding screens to your PERGOLUX pergola! 

So, what is a pergola again?

A pergola is a fabulous outdoor structure that was traditionally used as a  walkway or sitting area. We offer a robust pergola with a flexible roof and elegant drainage features, both manual and motorised! Designed in Norway’s rainiest city (Bergen, with a whopping 2490 millimetres of rain per year) - we will provide you with shelter all year round! 

Enjoy some personal time, brushing up on that book you’ve been dying to read. Or perhaps you’ve invited the family over for grilling, and you would like a designated spot in your garden to do so. Either way, we will provide a flexible and luxurious feature for your needs!

We make the dream possible. 

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