How to get the HOLIDAY OASIS you have always dreamt of, directly IN YOUR lovely British GARDEN!
(Before Summer 2023)

29 March 2023
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Unveil Your Ultimate Garden Retreat: A Sanctuary Tailored to Your Desires

Embrace the pleasures of your own personal haven as you transform your British garden into a delightful retreat ahead of Summer 2023. 

Immerse yourself in the warmth of the sun as you unwind in your tranquil sanctuary, or find solace in the cool, welcoming shade

With a space tailored to your desires, you'll experience the ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, and serenity that you've always dreamt of, right in the comfort of your own home.

Foster Connection and Create Cherished Memories: The Perfect Garden Oasis for Loved Ones

Your enchanting oasis will not only become a cherished escape for you but also a gathering place for family, friends, and loved ones

Picture laughter-filled afternoons and enchanting evenings spent sharing stories, playing games, and creating cherished memories together in your idyllic garden setting. 

This inviting space will foster connections and strengthen bonds, as those closest to you come together.

That's how a Pergolux Pergola will change your garden (and your life too!)

Pergolas offer a versatile solution to accommodate both sunny and rainy days, catering to the ever-changing weather conditions. By providing a sheltered outdoor space, they allow homeowners to appreciate their gardens and patios regardless of the weather.

Pergolas can be tailored with weather-resistant materials, adjustable roofs, or even side panels to establish a flexible outdoor living area that remains pleasant and practical in various conditions.

Consequently, they empower homeowners to maximise the use of their outdoor spaces throughout the year, guaranteeing that precious moments with family and friends can be enjoyed come rain or shine.

"Many British people are quickly ordering pergolas, and stocks are already selling out incredibly fast."

Why Should You Get a Pergola for Your Garden (before Spring & Summer 2023)? 

1. Embrace the Sun & Shade

A pergola offers a delightful balance of sun and shade, allowing you to comfortably bask in the UK's cherished sunny days. The dappled sunlight filtering through the pergola creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones.

2. Rainy UK's Days Retreat

With the unpredictable British weather, a pergola provides a sheltered retreat, allowing you to still appreciate the beauty of your garden even during light rain showers. By adding a canopy or retractable cover, you can enjoy the soothing sound of raindrops without getting wet, creating a cozy and intimate outdoor space.

3. Enjoyment & Versatile Outdoor Living

The addition of a pergola expands your living space, providing a functional and adaptable area that can be enjoyed in various weather conditions. Whether it's a sunny summer day or a drizzly autumn afternoon, your pergola offers a unique and atmospheric space to unwind and entertain.

4. Enhanced Mood and Well-being

Spending time outdoors, under the sun or amidst the rain, can have a positive impact on your mood and overall well-being. A pergola encourages you to embrace the ever-changing British weather, allowing you to soak up the mood-boosting benefits of fresh air and natural light.

5. Strengthen Family Bonds

A pergola provides a dedicated space for families to come together, unwind, and reconnect. Whether it's enjoying a meal al fresco, playing board games, or simply chatting about the day, the time spent together under the pergola can help strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

6. Foster Friendship and Community

Hosting gatherings and events under your pergola offers an opportunity to foster friendships and create a sense of community among your loved ones. The welcoming atmosphere of a pergola encourages people to relax, engage in conversations, and form deeper connections with one another.

7. Nurture Romance and Intimacy

A pergola can serve as the perfect setting for romantic moments, from a candlelit dinner for two to stargazing with your partner. The intimate and cozy environment of a pergola can help rekindle the spark in your relationship, providing a space for you and your partner to share quality time together.

8. Celebrate Life's Milestones

A pergola offers a unique and versatile venue for celebrating life's milestones, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and retirements. The presence of family and friends, combined with the warm and inviting ambiance of a pergola, can make these special occasions even more memorable and meaningful.

9. Celebrate Seasonal Changes

A pergola provides a front-row seat to the beauty of the UK's changing seasons. With a sheltered space to relax and entertain, you can fully appreciate the joys of spring blossoms, summer sun, autumn foliage, and even the crisp air of winter, all from the comfort of your pergola.

10. Create Lasting Memories

A pergola provides the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings with friends and family, regardless of the weather. From sunny barbecues to rain-soaked game nights, the memories created under your pergola will be cherished for years to come.

We asked Tom what does he feel about his new pergola...

Watch how his life has changed...

  • Lovely new outdoor area in his garden

  • Added value to his life (and house)

  • Great roof protecting from the rain

  • Privacy when he wants

  • Enjoyment  of outside time with friends

  • Really high quality materials

  • Fantastic customer service and assistance

  • It feels wonderful to have it in his own garden


1. Picture yourself on a sunny day, basking in the lovely shade of your very own pergola, as the laughter and joy of your loved ones fill the air. 

2. This enchanting garden feature allows you to relish the outdoors more, even in the unpredictable UK weather. 

Offering rain protection and a welcoming retreat amidst your blossoming garden, a pergola is the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

3. As you create cherished memories beneath its canopy, the pergola's dappled sunlight and soothing shade invite you to linger longer, deepening connections and sparking romance. 

4. Investing in a pergola before summer arrives will ensure you're ready to enjoy every moment the season has to offer.

Seize the opportunity to bring your garden to life and immerse yourself in the life-enhancing benefits of a pergola. 

5. Designed to celebrate the joy of sunny days and the comfort of a sheltered outdoor sanctuary, a pergola is the ultimate way to transform your outdoor space into a versatile haven for family and friends.

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